The Charles H. Hoch Foundation

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of The Charles H. Hoch Foundation is to receive and to expend funds for charitable, educational and religious purposes and to promote the moral, physical and mental well being and progress of mankind. Recipients of these funds must be actively engaged in advancing the above causes, which serve the needs of people in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Requests for assistance in capital and operating costs will be considered. The directors, however, need to be assured that the charity in question will use the funds to further that charity’s benevolent goals. 


In requesting funds from The Charles H. Hoch Foundation, the charity shall outline specifically how the funds will be used. A specified dollar amount should be included.  The charity shall include a copy of its 501(c) (3) letter from the IRS; a copy of its most recent audited financial statement; a list of current board members; and a statement listing its charitable objectives. 

Applications are to be submitted on or before April 1 or October 1.  

Requests for funds should be mailed to: 

The Charles H. Hoch Foundation 

3440 Lehigh St. #431 

Allentown, PA 18103 

The Charles H. Hoch Foundation grants are made on a semi-annual basis. 

*Please note that the Foundation will consider only one grant request a year for each organization. 

The Charles H. Hoch Foundation Directors are: 

Kenneth Beisel, President & Treasurer

Richard DeMott, Secretary

Thomas Buxton, Trustee 

 Deborah A. Sicher, Trustee 

Richard S. Miller, Trustee  

Statement of Purpose and Grant Application Instructions (pdf)